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HygiTech provides a complete range of innovative disinfectants. The high quality system guarantees traceability throughout the whole manufacturing process, allowing perfect conformity of the specifications for all products.

Dento-Viractis 77 Spray Dento-Viractis 77 is a Cleaning and disinfection spray for surfaces with a Very pleasant grapefruit scent. It can be used as bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and tuberculocidal. It is a Hydro-alcoholic spray without colorant and aldehyde free specially formulated for cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces (units, chairs, table...) equipment and non sterilisable or disinfectable medical devices with standardized methods. It is aldehyde free and dries rapidly and without trace.

Dento-Viractis 77 Wipes Dento-Viractis 77 Wipes for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces provides completely safe conditioning with cover box and a plastic all over the box. It is a box of 120 which is compatible with the Dento-Viractis 77 SPRAY. The Disposable wipes can be used for quick cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and medical devices between two patients.

Dento-Viractis Aspigerm 95 Dento-Viractis Aspigerm 95 is a non-foaming, econosmical, high efficient Cleaning and disinfectant liquid for aspiration systems, spittoons and amalgam collectors. It is made from plant-based raw materials and is easily biodegradable.

Dento-Viractis 57 Dento-Viractis 57 is a Burs disinfectant Ready to use solution with all material compatibility. It is used for cleaning and disinfecting of cutters and rotary instruments prior to sterilization. It can be used as bactericidal, fungicidal & virucidal. It is composed of Propanol, Potassium hydroxide, fatty acids and is aldehyde free.