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Provides a full range of digital dental imaging products and imaging and management software to optimize and facilitate the daily business of dental practitioners. Owandy introduces Visteo sensors, Opteo sensors, Krystal X Easy sensor, OwandyCam, I-Max Touch 3D pan unit, I-Max Touch Pan/Ceph pan unit, I-Max Easy pan unit and Owandy-RX.

The Visteo sensors are equipped with the latest CMOS technology that offers a high image quality. The control box is light and compact allowing for a multi-chair portability. The quality of the images and the optimisation of the working conditions of the practitioner combine for a better quality of the treatment. The Visteo is therefore the first intraoral sensor to combine freedom of movement, precision of diagnosis and quality of care; all in complete security.

Equipped with the CMOS technology, the intraoral Opteo sensor allows for the acquisition of high definition images in all simplicity. The design of the sensor that improves its positioning in the mouth, and the ergonomics of its control box that make it easier to handle, optimise the comfort of the practitioner and the patient. Thanks to its high resolution images of the Opteo the legibility of the images is improved, and the diagnosis facilitated.

The Krystal-X is capable of acquiring high resolution quality images at low doses with a leading edge technology that combines a leaded fibre optic plate, a high resolution CCD and a new CSI scintillator screen. The new Krystal-X Easy sensor has been conceived to be integrated with your X-ray generator, while maintaining the possibility to quickly move it from one operatory to another. Thanks to its wall mount and integrated sensor support, the practitioner can move the Krystal-X Easy system in a quick and easy way and retain perfect working ergonomics. The Krystal-X is manufactured using a leading edge industrial process, which meets the most stringent requirements with regards to strength, waterproof qualities and handling comfort such as the rounded edges of the sensor. A versatile system - The Krystal-X Easy system uses a USB 2.0 High Speed connection, but is also compatible with USB 1.1 Full Speed. - The intra oral sensor is available in two sizes (600 mm˛ or 816 mm˛).

With its ease of integration in your operating room, the OwandyCam is always within reach. Thanks to the docking station and USB2 connection, you can move and share the camera with your colleagues and associates with ease. Ergonomics, didactic and intuitive, Owandy's new intra-oral camera combines the benefits of video and the latest digital technology. Compact, convenient and totally ergonomic, this camera will surely revolutionize your practice.

The I-Max Touch 3D, the most recent addition to Owandy's range of digital imaging solutions is evolutive, simple and fast. The panoramic unit acquires 3D exams and complete panoramic exams in the wink of an eye. The cephalometric option further extends the capabilities of the I-Max Touch 3D through the acquisition of radiographies of the skull and the hand.

The I-Max Touch is a complete panoramic unit that allows for the acquisition of all X-ray images commonly required in the field of dentistry. The programming of the unit is done in an intuitive way with the touchscreen of the control panel. The addition of the optional DIGITAL CEPH module allows for the acquisition of the following additional exams: CEPH exams in different formats and CARPUS exam. A 3D module can be added to any I-Max Touch and allows for the acquisition of the complete dentition in 3 dimensions.

The I-Max Easy is a radiological unit that allows for the radiographic analysis of the maxillo-facial dental structures. It has been conceived to function together with the Julie and QuickVision software ranges.

The Owandy-RX system combines precision, proven technology and simplicity. The Intraoral radiology system Owandy-RX gives them a reliable and tried technology. Robust, this system will optimize their radiological daily practice.

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