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A wide range of dental units consisting of components designed and made to perfection are available, all to ensure smooth interaction between dentist, patient and assistant. They include S200, S250, S300, S220TR-S320TR, S220TR HYBRID and S280TRc.

The S200 brings all the essential elements together in a compact space that lets the dental team work easily and efficiently. S200 is available with reflex arm instruments (Continental). Instrument tubing combines good travel with balance. The end-of-stroke lock system makes the instrumnt light and manageable.

The S250 is built around the potential of digital electronics, thus aiding incorporation of brushless micromotors, simplified function control and ensuring a level of reliability that you expect from the very latest electronics. The S250 offers you day-to-day flexibility and far-reaching performance that ensures you a successful future.

In order to add exclusive value to your talent, Stern Weber has renewed the S300, further improving performance and offering new solutions to bring out the best of your professionalism. The result of a philosophy that ensures constant reliability, hygiene levels that comply with the strictest international standards, outstanding ergonomics and top level performance in line with the latest technological developments, the S300 blends innovation, style and attention to detail so that you can express your hard-won skills as naturally as possible.

S220TR HYBRID provides exceptional flexibility. The dentist's module arm can be rotated 340° to reach positions suitable for both right and left-handed dentists. Whatever the treatment being carried out, the dentist is always in a fully relaxed position.

To transform the module configuration from right-handed to left-handed and vice versa, the user simply detaches the control panel, rotates the connector 180° and repositions the panel on the opposite side of the module. Just a few moves, a few seconds - and the dental unit is adapted to the needs of a new user.

Positioned at the rear of the patient chair, the assistant's module rotates leftwards and rightwards. It moves independently of dentist's module rotation and allows exceptional working freedom.

The S280TRc, with its suspended patient chair, ensures smoother teamwork, creates new spaces and makes surgery easier. Assuming the correct position at every stage of treatment comes naturally when working around a shaped chair that allows easy access to operating zones. Moreover, the excellent legroom means that neither dentist nor assistant are forced to assume an incorrect or forced posture. Mounted on an articulated arm, the highly mobile assistant's module can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally: highly useful when it is necessary to move around freely during surgery or get in close to the patient.

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